Timeless is a digital-only constructed format for MTG Arena, released on 12/12/2023. This is the largest format in terms of expansions because it includes all cards released in the game. It can be compared to the Vintage format in MTG. It's the only format which has no banned cards, but it includes a "restricted list" of cards which can only be played in a single copy in a deck.


  • Your deck must be composed of at least 60 cards, and a maximum of 250 (MTG Arena limitation).
  • You can play all cards.
  • Cards are limited to 4 copies, except basic lands and specific cards like "Rat Colony".
  • You can have a 15-card sideboard if you want to play BO3.
  • Alchemy cards are legal.
  • You can't use rebalanced versions of cards.

Restricted cards

As of 12/12/2023 (release of Timeless format), the following cards are restricted to one copy in Timeless on MTG Arena:

Channel Demonic Tutor Tibalt's Trickery
Restricted cards in Timeless