How to use the tracker?


First, you muse download the tracker archive by clicking here (ZIP archive, ~ 80Mio). Once downloaded, unzip it into the directory of your choice (for example C:\mtgabuddy-tracker).


Run the tracker by double-clicking on the MTGABuddyTracker.exe file at the installation folder root. The tracker should start.


Once the tracker started, click on the Settings... button to access tracker settings. For a normal use, let the default URL and port. Enter the personal key of your account that you can find here. You must first create an account on the website.


Finally click on Save.

Update your collection

Start the game, and wait until you are in the main menu. Then click on the button SYNCHRONIZE on the tracker. In a few seconds, your collection will be imported to the MTGABuddy website.

Frequently asked questions

Does the tracker need to be running constantly when I launch the game?

No. Unlike other trackers, MTGABuddy's does not need to be started constantly to update your collection. Start it to update your collection whenever you want. When your collection is updated, you can close it.

What information is collected by the tracker?

The tracker only retrieves data from your card collection. It does not collect any personal information about you.

Why can't I see cards from the latest expansion?

If an expansion has just been released on MTG Arena, it is possible that it is not yet known on MTGABuddy. Wait a few days, an administrator should sort this out quickly.

I followed the entire installation procedure but cannot launch the tracker!

The tracker has been tested on Windows 10 and 11, and requires the Microsoft .Net Runtime libraries v6.0 minimum corresponding to your system. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact the site administrator via the Discord server.

The tracker launches but unable to update my collection!

Check that you have correctly entered your personal key in the tracker options (be careful not to copy unwanted characters if you copy/paste). You must be in the main menu of the game to be able to update the collection, ideally on the home page.

It is also possible that you launch MTG Arena in administrator mode, especially if you launch the game via Steam. In this case 2 solutions:

  • Disable launching Steam as administrator.
  • or Launch MTGABuddy in administrator mode by right-clicking the launcher icon and clicking "Run as administrator".