Historic Artisan

Historic Artisan is an unofficial MTG Arena constructed format which can be encountered during specific events. It uses the same rules as Historic format, but only common and uncommon cards are allowed. Thus this format is suitable for beginners who can easily create decks with their wildcards. Due to actual limitations of MTG Arena expansions, Historic Artisan hasn't the whole cards list of the official MTG Artisan format. There's no way to play online Historic Artisan games and there's no ladder for this format. However, nothing stops you from playing Historic Artisan games with a friend by choosing "Historic" and restricting yourself to non-banned common and uncommon cards.


Rules detailed here are specific to MTG Arena event. For official Artisan rules, see on MTG Wiki.

  • Your deck must be composed of at least 60 cards, and a maximum of 250 (MTG Arena limitation).
  • You must only use common and uncommon cards. If a card exists in a set as a common or uncommon on Arena, then this card is legal even if it's possible to find it in a higher rarity in another set of the game.
  • Alchemy cards are allowed.
  • You can't use the original version of a card if a rebalanced version exists.
  • Cards are limited to 4 copies, except basic lands and specific cards like "Rat Colony".
  • There's no sideboard in MTG Arena Artisan events, but you can have a 15-card sideboard if you want to play BO3 Historic Artisan in direct play.

Banned cards

As of 12/12/2023 (release of "Khans of Tarkir" expansion), the following cards are banned in Historic Artisan on MTG Arena:

Abiding Grace Gates Ablaze Persistent Petitioners Veil of Summer Wilderness Reclamation Zenith Flare
Banned cards in Historic Artisan


Why can't I play "Swords to Plowshares", "Dark Ritual" or "Counterspell" in Historic Artisan?

Unlike the MTG Artisan format, those cards are not legal in Historic Artisan because they only exist in their "rare" version on MTG Arena. Same for "Demonic Tutor" which has only its mythic version on MTG Arena.

I don't see "Cauldron Familiar" in Historic Artisan ban list! Why?

"Cauldron Familiar" is banned in MTG Artisan and should also be banned on MTG Arena, but it has a rebalanced version which is legal in Historic Artisan format.