Gladiator is an unofficial MTG Arena constructed format which can be encountered during particular events. It uses the same rules as Brawl format (formerly Historic Brawl), but there's no commander, no free mulligan, no extra HP and only BO3. It is therefore a singleton format, meaning that the cards are only authorized in one copy. There's no way to play online Gladiator games and there's no ladder for this format. However, nothing stops you from playing Gladiator games with a friend by choosing "Historic" and restricting yourself to this format rules.


Rules detailed here are specific to MTG Arena event. For official Gladiator rules, see on MTG Wiki.

  • Your deck must be composed of at least 100 cards, and a maximum of 250 (MTG Arena limitation).
  • Each player starts with 20 life points.
  • You can play cards from all sets.
  • Cards are limited to 1 copies, except basic lands and specific cards like "Rat Colony".
  • Alchemy cards are legal, but rebalanced cards are not.
  • The format is only BO3, with no sideboard.

Banned cards

As of 05/07/2023, the following cards are banned in Gladiator on MTG Arena:

Demonic Tutor Field of the Dead Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes Natural Order Oko, Thief of Crowns
Banned cards in Gladiator